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Sound Proofing Materials & Services


Complete room isolation NYC

“Sound Abatement”  is a very exacting process that requires specific techniques and the highest tolerance of workmanship. Audio Chef utilizes the most advanced sound abatement products on the market and will tailor your design to a very specific solution. In addition to the materials used, it is the level of craftmanship and installation that will make the abatement system successful. We have a resource of skilled tradespeople that specialize in audio critical construction.

INTERIOR ACOUSTICS:  The sound and feel of a space can make or break an audio experience for the listener. Even if a sound system is state of the art, it won’t sound good if the room acoustics aren’t tuned properly. We are able to control problematic environments with an arsenal of acoustical products and practices.

With the use of measurement instruments, we can target problem sounds and frequencies. Once targeted we will design a control system using  building materials and installation techniques that are specific for your situation.

Waterfall Analysis

Waterfall Analysis

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Reverb Time Analysis

Audio Chef will design a solution for your sound control needs.                Variable Acoustic Panel

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Acoustical surfaces

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